RotorDrone magazine presents you with the 2017 special issue PhotoDrone. PhotoDrone is packed with buying advice on the top camera drones, photo and video tips from professionals in the field, and flight and setup advice from expert drone operators. This is your brand’s advertising opportunity that you have been looking for! 

    • Inspiring and entertaining multi-platform media content
    • Groundbreaking technology updates
    • Product guides by industry pros
    • Was a best-seller in 2016!
    • On sale 4.18.17

Product Guides And How-Tos

Editorial Experts Creating Great Content

Debra Cleghorn

Debra Cleghorn

Executive Editor

John Reid

John Reid


Gerry Yarrish

Gerry Yarrish

Senior Technical Editor

Our editorial experts put their know-how, decades of experience, and passion to work to produce original, compelling content that resonates with drone consumers.

Our Audience
Reflects today’s prosumer mindset

  • 60% are interested in photography and videography
  • 84% own a drone
  • 42% fly their drone a few times a week
  • 25% currently use their drone for photography and videography
  • 60% refer to RotorDrone magazine before they make a purchase
  • 30% purchase brands shared on RotorDrone’s facebook


Your Brand’s Exposure 
The RotorDrone magazine brand is constantly growing and engaging more and more prosumers, allowing your brand to engage confidently with our audience. PhotoDrone will be promoted through an extensive network of channels…

  • Available on all major digital & print newsstands
  • Sent to global drone events
  • Promoted on all RotorDrone magazine’s digital and social networks
  • Total monthly readership: 180,751+ 
  • Total social audience: 340,000+ 




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